What To Clean Crocs With [10 Methods You Can Use]

split screen of magic eraser, tooth paste and toothbrush to represent different methods to clean crocs

Crocs have undoubtedly blessed our lives by providing us with some much-needed comfort. Whether it be yard work, routine house chores, attending a pool party, or heading to the beach, wearing Crocs always comes in handy.

With such a rough usage, getting your Crocs soiled is inevitable. And this might put you in a confusing situation of whether you should use Clorox wipes to clean your fuzzy Crocs or toss your leather Crocs in a washing machine. We’re here to help!

In this article, we’ve broken down the frequently used cleaning techniques and whether or not each one works for the pair of Crocs you’re wearing.

Almost all types of Crocs are washable and easy to clean. While regular Crocs are best cleaned with soapy water, white Crocs might need a good bleach wash to make them look brand new. With countless potential cleaning methods out there, we’re starting with the most effective and the easiest for your dirty Crocs. And guess what? These two methods work wonders for all types of Crocs!

The No.1 Way To Clean Crocs

Crocs in soapy water cleaned with a toothbrush

Hand washing cleans Crocs in the best and most efficient way. If you have regular Croslite, white, fuzzy-lined, or wool Crocs, your time spent scrubbing them with mild soap is worth it as your Crocs will be brought back to life. However, if you own a leather pair, be mindful not to soak it for too long since water tends to scour the leather surface.

To get the job done, soak your Crocs in lukewarm soapy water and gently scrub the surface with a microfibre cloth. Note that you can use any soap as long as it doesn’t include any abrasives. Lastly, rinse your Crocs with fresh water and let them air dry. Since the Crocs creators encourage adopting this cleaning strategy, we certainly advise doing so too!

The Fastest Way To Clean Crocs

Crocs being cleaned with a magic eraser

Imagine yourself in a hurry having to go somewhere. You look on the rack and find your favorite Crocs covered with dirt. Despite being pressed for time, you would prefer to clean them first. And so, we have a quick fix for you!

If Crocs are your go-to footwear, you would have already heard about the magic eraser. For Crocs lovers, it is undeniably the best thing since sliced bread. To start cleaning, submerge the magic eraser sponge in lukewarm water to activate the melamine foam and scrub your Crocs gently in a circular motion to achieve the most satisfactory outcome. Magic eraser also helps to easily access the holes and grooves, making your Crocs gleamingly clean from every angle. The final step is to rinse them in fresh water and air dry your Crocs in the shade.

Magic eraser is safe to use on all Crocs and is the least effort requiring method. However, it works best on white and regular croslite Crocs. This method is specifically recommended if you’re short on time and need an immediate workaround.

10 Ways To Clean Crocs At Home

We’ve already mentioned the best and easiest techniques to make your Crocs look span-new. In this section, we dive deeply into other ways we might employ to clean different Crocs styles under various conditions.

#1. Can You Clean Crocs In a Washing Machine?

Black croslite Crocs inside the washing machine

You might have heard about cleaning Crocs in a washing machine. This method isn’t adequate for all types of Crocs, but you are good to go if you own a pair of wool, regular, canvas, or fuzzy Crocs. White Crocs can also be machine-washed supplemented by an addition of mild bleach.

On the other hand, machine wash is a big no for Crocs made of leather or those with wedges, as this method can badly damage the containing materials and distort their shape.

Note that the washing machine should be adjusted to lower temperature settings as Crocs cannot withstand high temperatures. Using fresh cold water and mild laundry agents would help your Crocs get a good rinse. Remember to set the gentle cycle mode and air dry them rather than putting them in a dryer or under direct sunlight which can end up shrinking your Crocs.

#2. Can You Clean Crocs In a Dishwasher?

Crocs placed on the top rack of dishwasher

While cleaning your Crocs in a dishwasher is possible, the problem is its lack of effectiveness compared to other cleaning approaches. Dishwashers are not recommended as they pose a significant risk to shrinking your Crocs since their temperature settings are usually higher.

However, the latest dishwashers come with customizable settings where you can control the heat by setting up a short cycle. This could prove beneficial since it will give you assurance regarding your Crocs’ longevity.

At the need of the hour, canvas, white as well as Crocs made from croslite and wool are all washable in a dishwasher. However, this technique should not be used on fuzzy and leather Crocs since it will damage their material. There is a risk that the dishwasher heat settings will simply ruin the leather or the entire faux fur lining.

#3. Can You Clean Crocs With a Magic Eraser?

As we’ve mentioned before, this method is undoubtedly the best for cleaning your Crocs. Not only is it one of the most affordable methods out there, but it also requires minimal effort. This strategy is superior to the others since it has significantly simplified our lives.

The magic eraser method effectively cleans all types of dirty Crocs. It works best for the classic, white, and canvas Crocs. However, we recommend avoiding magic eraser use on leather Crocs. Given their aggressive nature and potential for harm from repeated usage, magic erasers should be cautiously used to clean sensitive materials like leather. Hence, you may look for other efficient methods on our list such as hand washing with soapy water that are safer when cleaning leather Crocs.

#4. Can You Clean Crocs With Alcohol?

Alcohol is often acidic with a pH ranging from 6 all the way to 3 or less. Compared to water’s pH, which is seven, acids are quite a threat to the delicate Crocs material. Hence we do not recommend using alcohol as a washing agent for your Crocs.

We do not recommend alcohol for routine cleaning but it can be a great method to fight bad odor in your Crocs. If you have rubbing alcohol pads or sanitizing alcohol products at your disposal, you can use 2-3 tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol to clean your regular Crocs. Wipe your Crocs with the solution inside and out. The foul Crocs smell now should be reduced as the alcohol concentration helps eradicate the odor-producing microorganisms.

While you can use it cautiously on regular, white, and canvas Crocs, avoid using it on leather and woolen Crocs. The acidic nature of alcohol erodes the leather finish and roughens the woolen texture on your fuzzy Crocs. Add this to the fact that alcoholic cleaners are more costly than other cleaning methods.

#5. Can You Clean Crocs With Bleach?

hand holding a bottle of bleach

As far as cleaning of white Crocs is concerned, putting them in a bleach soak is another effective method that works wonders with regular white and fuzzy white Crocs. It helps to wipe off any colored stains and helps to diminish the pale off-white hue. This is our top pick to make white Crocs look pristine.

Remember, there are some strong and abrasive bleaches available in the market, and using them can wreak havoc on your Crocs. Always prefer using oxalic acid as it has a mild concentration that will help preserve the natural finish of your white Crocs. Oxalic acid can turn helpful to your leather Crocs too, but keep it mind that the color will get lighter.

Don’t bleach any colored or woollen Crocs types as you’ll end up discoloring and damaging them.

#6. Can You Clean Crocs With Baking Soda?

Baking soda is a highly effective Crocs cleaning method. It not only whitens your Crocs but also works to disinfect and eliminate the pungent Crocs smell. This method is effective for regular colored and white Crocs as well as leather, wool, and canvas Crocs. You can even use it with vinegar to increase its efficiency.

To clean your Crocs, sprinkle baking soda generously over the stain. Let the baking soda rest for a few hours until the greasy stain is absorbed. Use a gentle towel to wipe the remnants clean. Afterwards, wipe the area using a damp cloth. Alternatively, you can make a liquid baking soda solution. Make sure you use latex gloves while handling this solution, as it can cause your skin to irritate.

#7. Can You Clean Crocs With Vinegar?

It is best to avoid using plain vinegar to clean your Crocs. It is acidic and can ruin most of the Crocs’ types. We don’t recommend using vinegar on its own, but you can use it effectively in combination with baking soda. This paste-like mixture is quite effective in cleaning Crocs and helps to remove tough stains from your dirty Crocs.

The combination method is not harmful to regular, white, fuzzy, or wool Crocs if the ratio of mixing vinegar and baking soda is balanced. To create a powerful cleaning solution, dissolve one part of baking soda in two parts of vinegar. Spread it around with a toothbrush, let it stay for 5 minutes and wash it off under cold running water.

#8. Can You Clean Crocs With Clorox Wipes?

Consider yourself hiking with your friends, when suddenly you step on dog poop. A bummer right out of the gate. If you have Clorox wipes on hand, you’re saved!

Clorox wipes come in handy and can help clean the dust, grime, and stains off your Crocs. You can use it on most Crocs types without hesitation. However, as most of other methods, note that Clorox wipes aren’t leather-friendly. Frequent usage of Clorox on leather can destroy the sensitive surface and fade the shine.

#9. Can You Clean Crocs With Toothpaste?

a hand squeezing a tube of toothpaste

Toothpaste cleans Crocs and acts as a whitening agent. It contains elements such as silica, pyrophosphates, and hydrogen peroxides which helps to remove stubborn stains. You can also use it with a mixture of soap and water to remove scuff marks.

As we talk about its effectiveness, it is easy to use and works well to clean white, fuzzy and regular colored Croslite Crocs. It’s also effective when cleaning leather Crocs!

Simply add a touch of toothpaste on a microfiber cloth and rub it all over the stains. Give those spots a good scrub. Wash it off under running cold water and leave it to air dry.

Avoid using toothpaste on woollen Crocs as it can wear off the delicate surface.

#10. Can You Clean Crocs With Water?

What if you don’t have vinegar, wet wipes, baking soda, or bleach at home? Worry not, as you can simply use water to clean your Crocs. Water itself won’t cause damage to any of the Crocs types.

To make this method more effective, we recommend adding soap to make a soapy solution. You can use any soap, dishwashing liquid, or mild detergent. But here is where we recommend you to be more cautious at – make sure that whatever soap you use is free from sulfates and harsh chemical substances.

To clean your Crocs, soak them in lukewarm soapy water for around 15 minutes. Then use a toothbrush or rag piece of cloth to scrub the Crocs gently. Scrubbing is an important step that helps to get rid of the grime build-up in the holes of the dirty Crocs. When you’re done scrubbing, give your Crocs a quick rinse and let them air dry to prevent shrinking.

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