How to clean white Crocs?

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White Crocs have been in trend for a long time, with many people preferring them over vibrantly patterned Crocs. It often is because white Crocs are easy to accessorize with clean jibbitz charms and go with almost all outfits.

Whether you have white or colored Crocs, keeping them clean can be quite a hassle. Sometimes cleaning colored Crocs can become arduous since there’s always a risk of discoloration, while cleaning dirty white Crocs is much more convenient. Some solutions such as bleaching exist which can be used effectively only on white Crocs.

However, it is not a secret that dirty stains will be more visible on white which calls for a more frequent cleaning. In this article we’ll provide you with a handful of Crocs cleaning methods and elaborate on certain points you should keep in mind when taking care of your white Crocs at home.

Risks Involved With Cleaning White Crocs

Making your white Crocs look brand new isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a few possible risks connected with whitening Crocs. With time Crocs may get dull and lose their white sheen from over-washing and scrubbing. Furthermore, using hot water to clean your Crocs might cause them to distort and bend. Even intense dryer heat settings can shrink your Crocs and damage the material.

Before you fall victim to these risks, it is essential to take precautionary steps. Make sure you use cold water for soaking your Crocs and remember to remove the fur lining in your fuzzy white Crocs to protect the faux fur from wearing off. As an added step, you may maintain the white surface of your Crocs by polishing them with shoe polish or applying a coat of sealant. Lastly, let your cleaned Crocs air dry to eliminate any lingering stench and prevent shrinking.

6 Best Ways To Clean Your White Crocs.

There are several methods for transforming your dusty soiled Crocs into gleaming white. In this section, we’ve gathered six distinct cleaning techniques to whiten Crocs. Whether you choose the tried-and-true method of hand washing or a quick wet wipe, these ways are guaranteed to help you remove stains, dirt, and grime off your precious white Crocs.

Hand Washing

A method that you can’t go wrong with that is also supported by the manufacturers of white Crocs themselves who suggest only hand washing them at home. The method is quite straightforward – simply soak your white Crocs in soapy water and scrub the surface with a piece of cloth to get rid of any dirt or stains.

You should handle white Crocs carefully because they are composed of fragile Croslite material, and rigorous scrubbing can erode the natural finish. You may use all kinds of soap, but avoid using abrasive chemicals that can damage the sole and sides of your white Crocs. Lastly, rinse it with fresh cold water and let them air dry to avoid shrinking.

Washing Machine

Cleaning Crocs in the washing machine is another efficient approach if you are in a time crunch and don’t want to put in the hard work. Simply toss your Crocs in the washer. Add a mild laundry detergent to the water in the top-loading washer.

Ensure you use the lightest rinse setting first and run the wash cycle after letting them soak for 5 minutes. Again, keep in mind that your Crocs risk shrinking in extreme temperatures therefore make sure the water temperature doesn’t go beyond 86°F (30°C) during the washing cycle. Also, avoid the use of a dryer – just let your white Crocs air dry in a moderate, dry area with shade.

On the other hand, in case your white Crocs are already too small, tumble dryers can assist you as a great method to unshrink your Crocs.

Bleach Soak

hand holding a bottle of bleach

For a professionally clean look, bleach white Crocs will work best. If your Crocs are turning pale white or soiled, you might need to rinse them in bleach to bring back their original shine.

You may even use oxalic acid, a unique substance for cleaning white Crocs that won’t scratch the material. However, remember to use this technique only on hand-washed white Crocs.

Baking Soda

For cleaning and disinfecting Crocs, baking soda works wonders. It whitens your Crocs and removes contaminants that may cause your white Crocs to stink. You may combine vinegar and baking soda to create a powerful cleaning fluid. The soda is broken down by the acid when the two ingredients are combined, producing carbon dioxide gas that aids in lifting dirt off the surface. This makes it an effective cleaning method for eliminating odor.

To make a diluted solution, use one portion baking soda, one portion white vinegar, and two parts water. When applying this solution, consider using latex gloves as the solution tends to irritate your skin which will be further amplified even by the tiniest scratch.

The disintegration of dirt particles happens after you apply the solution to the Crocs and let it rest for 10 minutes. To wrap up cleaning, rinse and let them dry naturally for a pristine white look.

Magic Eraser

White Crocs may be readily kept clean with the magic eraser. In a nutshell, the magic eraser sponge is composed of melamine foam and can be used to clean white Crocs with water. It might have the appearance and feel of typical sponges, but they are different. In specific ways, melamine foam behaves like grit sandpaper. When moist, it leverages the sponge’s tiny air pockets to help remove stains.

You should fully submerge the Magic Eraser sponge in warm water to scrub your Crocs inside and out to get rid of all the scuffs. Cleaning between the grooves and holes is made more accessible using the magic eraser’s corners. Afterwards, put your Crocs through a cold water rinse and let them air dry in a shaded area.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are perfect for an on-the-move cleanse if you need to wipe your Crocs immediately. You may quickly clean up spills and unset dirt using wet wipes. While this won’t remove tough stains, it will undoubtedly remove fine dust particles from your white Crocs and give them a nice refresh.

How To Clean Furry White Crocs?

We recommend handwashing as the best method for cleaning dirty white Crocs with fur. You only need a bucket filled with soapy water and an old toothbrush to scrub off the dirt. It is essential to keep a light hand while scrubbing as furry white Crocs are a delicate type of footwear.

You can also try using a magic eraser if you’re seeking a higher upkeep approach. To remove the stains and filth from your Crocs, wet the magic eraser and brush it evenly across your white furry Crocs. You might need to repeat this process several times depending on the amount of buildup.

Both of these techniques are subtle enough to prevent harming the fur liners on your white Crocs. Keep in mind to avoid placing your furry Crocs in the washing machine. Also, mitigate using hot water because doing so might cause them to spread out or take on a distorted form.

Following is the optimal, trouble-free cleaning strategy to keep white Crocs clean.

Crocs With Detachable White Fur

Furry white Crocs that have detachable white fur are far easier to clean. Hand washing in mild soapy water is recommended to prevent the fur from any damage. Below is a step-by-step hand washing guide to help you keep white Crocs with detachable fur clean.

Step 1: Remove the faux fur lining from your white Crocs.

Step 2: Pour two caps of a specialized wool shampoo into a bucket filled with lukewarm water.

Step 3: Douse your white Crocs and the fur lining in soapy water. Keep them soaked for about 30 minutes.

Step 4: Take them out of the soak and brush them clean to get rid of any mud or grime.

Step 5: Wash everything well in cold running water to remove all soapy residue.

Step 6: Dry the Crocs and liners by hanging them up or laying them evenly on a rack. Remember not to dry them in a tumble dryer.

Step 7: Once the fur liners are dry, use a wool brush to detangle the fur and make it more fluffy. Brush in the same direction.

Step 8: Attach the fresh liners back to your white Crocs.

In case your fur liners stink, soak them in a mix of baking soda, vinegar, and water. If the fur becomes soiled, immerse it in a mixture of water and mild bleach. You can spot-clean the fur with a moist towel if the stains are still fresh.

Crocs With Non-detachable White Fur

Cleaning white Crocs with non-detachable fur is slightly more challenging, but our step-by-step instructions will break down it all into easy steps:

Step 1: Soak a piece of microfibre cloth in cold, soapy water, then squeeze it out to prevent dripping.

Step 2: Scrub the fur with the cloth piece to clean the grime. Add two heaping caps of mild or oxalic bleach if the furry white Crocs have stains that won’t come out.

Step 3: Rinse the microfibre cloth, then wipe the Crocs once again to remove any soap remnants.

Step 4: Air dry your white Crocs in a shady place. Avoid exposing them to heat sources such as direct sun exposure.

Step 5: After the faux fur has dried, use a comb to untangle it while moving in the same direction to prevent curling.

Using an absorbent substance is another way to clean your fuzzy Crocs. Particularly for colored linings, you may use wheat germ, corn powder, salt, or baking soda.

Step 1: Select an absorbent powder that matches the color of the fur lining.

Step 2: Spritz the fur lining with the powder. You must uniformly cover each liner. To do this, carefully rotate the Crocs to cover all corners. If you’re using salt, use more than usual because it doesn’t adhere to the lining as smoothly as the other powdered substances.

Step 3: Let the absorbent powder coat your Crocs for three hours. Then toss them over a sink to remove excess powder.

Step 4: Use the vacuum to remove any remaining powder from your Crocs that won’t come off with shaking.

Step 5: Using a fuzzy wool brush, fluff the fur in one direction to fluff up the furry lining in your Crocs.

How To Clean White Crocs Sandals?

Another staple Crocs style that is well-liked by people of all ages is the pair of white Crocs sandals. To clean these white sandals, you may use any mild soap, such as hand soap or light dish soap. Ensure the water isn’t too hot because heat may harm the material.

Use soapy water and a toothbrush to cleanse the sandals. Scrub your Crocs until they are spotless. You may even use a laundry stain remover on a stubborn stain. Spray the stain with the stain remover, and then wait for ten minutes. After that, use fresh water to rinse the stain remover off. When cleaning up the stains, give your white Crocs sandals a final rinse in cold water.

Can White Crocs Turn Yellow?

Whether or not white Crocs turn yellow depends on the cause. White Crocs do not turn yellow with time, however the white shade can slowly change and turn into a pale off-white hue. Luckily, washing them in bleach or other mild chemical agents can fix it. While some people are hesitant to use bleach, the correct use of it won’t harm the white Crocs.

If you’re dealing with blood stains, these spots might eventually turn into orange – yellow shade if not approached immediately. Here, a solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda might come in handy. You may eliminate the foul smell and blotches on your white Crocs by blending in one tablespoon of baking soda, 1/2 tablespoon water, and 1/2 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide. Mix the solution, apply it to the blood stain of your Crocs and wrap it in plastic. Allow it to sit all night. Finally, wash it under running tap water and use a toothbrush to scrub off the stain.

How To Make Crocs White Again?

Keeping your white Crocs white is a struggle, as that’s the color where the stain spots are most visible. But the numerous methods described above can help you make your pale Crocs white again. Out of all, we recommend a magic eraser or bleach soak as your first choice to whiten Crocs.

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