Can you put Crocs in a washing machine? [We tested it!]

Black croslite Crocs inside the washing machine

Most adults and children find Crocs to be the most practical pair of shoes they own, whether they’re going for a round of groceries or hanging out with their friends. However, it doesn’t take that long after use before they start looking a bit worn. And as amazing as they are, most of us feel better going outside with a clean, fresh looking pair.

It’s likely you’ve heard that Crocs are made out of this mysterious material called Croslite. And even though you are used to washing your regular shoes in a washing machine, you find yourself wondering: how would the Croslite material react to the washing machine cycle?

Well, we’ve done it for you and we’re here to answer all the doubts!

After running a washing machine cycle on regular Croslite Crocs, we can confidently conclude that this cleaning method is easy, safe and effective. Crocs were washed in cold water (68°F, 20°C), low spin (400) setting for exactly 1 hour. We’ve used mild, color safe laundry gel together with ¼ cup of white vinegar. Crocs did not shrink. Instead they turned out spotless clean with a mild, fresh fragrance.

Check out our YouTube video where we take you through the entire process:

Can a washing machine safely wash Crocs?

Despite Crocs themselves discouraging the use of a washing machine, it is a perfectly safe method as long as you use the right settings.

Croslite is a very flexible material that has a tendency to shrink if exposed to higher heat. Therefore, we would not recommend going over 90°F (30°C). If your appliance allows, go even lower – aim anywhere around 68°F (20°C).

For further protection, wash your Crocs separately or at least prevent them from contact with potentially harmful material such as jeans and zippers. If washing in a common laundry batch, a good idea would be to first toss Crocs in a mesh bag for shoes before putting them in a washing machine. Alternatively, a mesh bag can be replaced by a similar colored pillow case.

A mesh bag for shoes and a grey pillow case

Is washing Crocs in a washing machine safe with all types of Crocs?

Chances are that you love this brand so much that you don’t settle with just a regular type of Crocs. There are several variations out there and this is a valid concern to have since not all of the types should be exposed to the washing machine.

Let’s go through a couple common types you may encounter that are safe to be washed following our instructions in a low temperature washing machine setting:

  • Fuzzy Crocs. This comfy type comes with the fur lining that is either removable or not. Regardless, to clean fuzzy Crocs it is perfectly safe to put them in the washing machine. Prioritize washing them with the fur lining removed if that’s possible.
  • Suede and wool Crocs. A low temperature washing machine cycle is perfectly fine for suede or wool crocs.

The following types should not be washed in the washing machine:

  • Leather Crocs. We do not advise washing leather Crocs in a washing machine as leather is almost always is unsuitable for machine washing. Chances are that a washing cycle may remove the shine and damage the footwear. Use a soft sponge or a slightly wet rag instead. Alternatively you can also use the leather cream to make them shine as brand new!
  • Wedges and heels. Crocs with wedges and heels should not go through a laundry cycle since it may ruin the glue that bonds them to the sole. You should stick to the damp fiber cloth to handle the job.

How to safely wash crocs in a washing machine?

Now that we’ve touched on the essentials, let’s dive into the step by step washing instructions of regular Croslite Crocs.

Things you will need:

  • Your dirty Croslite Crocs
  • A washing machine
  • Running tap water
  • Color safe mild laundry detergent
  • A toothbrush / toothpick
  • ¼ cup of white vinegar (optional)
  • A mesh bag for shoes / pillowcase (optional)

Step 1: Rinse your Crocs under cold water

Crocs being rinsed under running tap water

Before tossing Crocs into a washing machine for a cleaning cycle, I prefer to give them a quick rinse under cold tap water to remove any excessive dirt or grime to avoid unnecessary risks to the washing machine.

Simply rinse your Crocs inside and out, one by one. Remove any gravel that’s stuck in the sole gaps using anything that will do the job, such as a toothbrush or a toothpick.

Step 2: Put Crocs into a mesh bag for shoes (optional)

A single Crocs clog inside the mesh bag for shoes

If you prefer that extra piece of mind, feel free to place your Crocs into a mesh bag for shoes. This will protect them from contact with other clothes or the washing machine itself.

Alternatively, a pillowcase or wrapping a towel around your Crocs will serve the same purpose. Go ahead, put the Crocs guards on and time to proceed to the next step!

Step 3: Select the right settings

Washing machine display settings that are set to 400 rpm and 20°C

You’ve reached the most important step of these instructions. Make sure you wash your Crocs with a cold water setting. Aim for anything between 60 – 90°F (15 – 30°C) on a gentle, low spin mode for an approximate duration of 1 hour. Regarding spins, we went for 400 rpm. We suggest avoiding a no spin function, since your Crocs need to slightly be rotated around to hit their various angles. Feel free to soak them if preferred.

If you feel like you’re not too sure about the variety of settings and functionality your washing machine offers, we’d suggest spending a little bit of extra time getting familiar with it.

How to understand the settings of my washing machine?

Model number (E-nr) of a washing machine on the inner side of door

As not all of the functionality can be obvious directly from a display panel, the best way to understand exactly what your washing machine model offers is to go through the manufacturer’s provided user manual.

In case you can’t find your copy, don’t bother looking for it. Simply take a look at your model number (E-nr) which you will find somewhere around the washing machine, usually on the inner side of the door. Type this number into Google and download the digital copy directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Now that you have access to it, take a look at what your appliance has to offer. Get a good understanding of its temperature and spin settings, duration adjustments and any additional programmes. Once you’re sure you know how to select the right settings, go for it.

screenshot of washing machine user manual describing temperature and spin speed.
User manual elaborates on temperature and spin speed settings

Step 4: Add a mild color safe laundry detergent

White vinegar and laundry gel being poured in a washing machine compartment

Next, pour ¼ capful of your mild and color safe laundry detergent. Note, that Crocs will have a slight smell of your detergent scent, so make sure you go with something that is to your liking.

Optionally, you can also add ¼ cup of white vinegar to eradicate any foul smell and make your Crocs feel fresh.

Step 5: Start the washing machine

Give one last check to your selected settings – temperature, spins per minute and duration. Once everything is ticked off, go ahead and start the programme. Well done!

Don’t forget to see your Crocs again in 1 hour.

Step 6: Dry with a microfiber cloth

A single Crocs clog dried by an absorbent cloth

Once the cycle is over, take the pair out of the washing machine and have a look at your brand new looking pair of Crocs. The result should be noticeable.

If you want to wear them right away, give your pair a quick drying session. Take any dry absorbent cloth and tap it inside and around. It won’t take you more than 2 minutes to have them perfectly dry and ready to be worn.

Otherwise, if wearing them is not a hurry – you can position them vertically in front of a wall and let your Crocs air dry. They will get completely dry in the next 2 hours.

Common mistakes when washing Crocs in a washing machine

In this section we will conclude common mistakes people make during the entire process. Here’s what you should not to do:

  • Avoid temperatures higher than 90°F (30°C) – your Crocs may shrink.
  • Avoid washing Crocs together with rough and sharp materials such as jeans and zippers – your Crocs may get scratches.
  • Avoid strong, abrasive laundry detergents – your Crocs may get damaged and have their colors ruined.
  • Avoid drying them in a tumble dryer, under direct sun or any other heat source – your Crocs will almost surely shrink in size.

Alternatives to the washing machine when cleaning Crocs

Crocs hand washed in the sink with a toothbrush

Oftentimes, your Crocs won’t even require a full washing machine cycle to get them perfectly clean. If your pair isn’t too soiled and you have an extra 10 minutes to spare – you can clean them with the safest alternative there is, which is hand-washing.

To hand-wash your regular Croslite Crocs, use mild soap (I use a dishwashing liquid), a sponge and cold water. If you need that extra scrubbing force you can also use a soft bristle brush.

To hand-wash fuzzy Crocs, we recommend removing the fur-lining and cleaning Crocs and fur separately. Use a brush to clean the dirt and stains from both the surface of the Crocs and the lining. Leaving them to air dry to minimize the chances of the foul odor developing.

Another existing method is washing Crocs in the dishwasher. It can be effective under the right conditions, however chances of your Crocs shrinking are much higher since the lowest temperature settings in a dishwasher will still put your Crocs at risk. And at the same time, not everyone is keen on using the same machine that washes their dishes to clean their dirty footwear.


Putting regular Croslite Crocs in a washing machine is a safe and efficient cleaning method. However, it needs to be done with the right settings in place – temperature not higher than 90°F (30°C), with a gentle, low spin cycle that lasts around 1 hour.

Use a mild, color safe laundry detergent together with a bit of white vinegar. Once washed, dry them with a soft absorbent cloth or leave them to air dry in the room. Never expose them to excessive heat because the Crocs might shrink.

Dirty croslite crocs

Croslite Crocs before the washing machine cycle

Clean Croslite Crocs

Croslite Crocs after the washing machine cycle

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