How to dry Crocs: 3 best methods [Requirements & Duration]

a wet crocs clog with an absorbent cloth in the background

Have you just washed your Crocs and wondering what you can do to safely dry them? We have tested out a variety of methods and in this article we conclude our findings.

The best method to dry Crocs for an immediate use is hand drying them with any absorbent cloth. The method is extremely easy and won’t take you more than 2 minutes. Alternatively, if you have more time you can choose drying Crocs with a running electric fan (20 minutes) or simply leaving them to air dry (1 – 2 hours).

Safe and effective methods to dry regular Crocs

The following 3 methods are the safest and most effective. We take you through a step by step of each method so choose your favorite one and follow along to get your pair of Crocs dry and ready to use.

Method 1. Hand drying

Total duration: 2 minutes

Items required: absorbent microfiber cloth / kitchen towel

Croslite is a waterproof material therefore it makes hand drying by far the easiest and quickest method to dry regular Crocs. Simply grab any absorbent cloth or kitchen towel and swipe it in and out the Clog to remove excess water. Quickly wipe around any remaining moist areas and your pair of Crocs are ready to be used.

Keep in mind that when you are drying with a cloth there will be some visible dust and material particles passed to your Crocs that have been sitting on the cloth. You can easily sweep them away with your hand or any soft bristle brush.

a single crocs clog is being hand dried with an absorbent kitchen towel

Method 2. Electric fan

Total duration: 20 minutes

Items required: electric fan; chair; towel; hard bristle brush (optional)

For regular Crocs this is not an ideal method considering how fast and easy hand drying is. Drying Crocs with an electric fan requires equipment that will take you 2 minutes to set up which instead you can use to hand dry your Crocs. However, that’s a fantastic method if you own a pair of fuzzy Crocs.

To have the fur of your Crocs dry and fresh you need some airflow circulation therefore hand drying won’t be that effective. So if you need to dry the fuzzy Crocs, grab your electric fan and follow the steps below:

Step 1 – if your electric fan has a taller stand, take a chair and position it directly in front of the fan.

Step 2 – adjust the height of the electric fan to be at a level of the chair’s seating part.

Step 3 – place a towel on the seat of your chair

Step 4 – position your Crocs vertically on the towel leaning to the chair’s backrest (see the image below)

Step 5 – turn on the electric fan and let it run. Your regular Crocs will be dry in 20 minutes while the fur might take 4 hours and more depending on the electric fan and its settings. During the process we recommend to also occasionally give a good brush to the fur – that will make fur dry faster and more fluffy.

A single crocs clog is placed vertically on a chair in front of an electric fan.

Method 3. Air drying

Total duration: 1 – 2 hours

Requirements: wall; towel

The most commonly known Crocs drying method is air drying, also recommended by Crocs manufacturers themselves. It is as simple as placing your pair of Crocs vertically leaning against the wall. If you do that indoors, it’s a good idea to place a towel beneath for the water to drip down on.

If you choose to leave them outside, find a shaded area and place them there. Make sure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight as ultimately your Crocs might end up slightly shrinking due to the heat.

A black crocs clog is positioned vertically by the wall and left to air dry outside

Avoid these drying methods

As we’ve mentioned, regular Crocs are made from Croslite material which shrinks when exposed to heat for longer durations. For that reason many common household drying methods are absolutely not suitable to dry your Crocs, such as:

These are just more common examples. Simply remember that any drying method which applies heat on to your Crocs should not be used for drying. Otherwise, you will need to find ways to unshrink Crocs back to their normal size.


To sum up, the safest ways to dry regular Crocs are with an absorbent cloth, electric fan or leaving to air dry. Avoid exposing Crocs to heat because you will risk shrinking them.

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