13 Trendy Shoes That Look Like Crocs [2023 edition]

4 different pairs of slippers and shoes that look like Crocs

Long gone are the days of wearing the same old classic Crocs. With EVA-constructed shoes being the newest craze in town, these look-alike Crocs are famous for all the right reasons!

The comfort and ease that Crocs provide are unbelievable. However, the downside to Crocs is that they are quite pricey. Lucky for us, consumers there’re many shoes that look like Crocs that provide the best of both worlds.

If you’re tired of wearing the decade-old Crocs design, our top list of look-alike Crocs in 2023 will surely give you more ideas to consider.

In case time is essence and you are in real need of slippers, we highlight the AMOJI Unisex Camouflage Slipper Clogs as our top choice. If you want a breathable, anti-slip, and edgy camouflage look with several vibrant color options – this footwear is almost half the price of original Crocs and is truly heaven for your soles.

13 Best Crocs Alternatives in 2023

If you like what Crocs have to offer but you hesitate to pay their price, you should definitely consider spending a few minutes to go through our list and get familiar with other Crocs alternatives out there. We have done all the necessary research and curated a list of 13 shoes similar to Crocs.

Unisex Slip On Clog Garden Shoes AM2350

After spending countless hours stuck in tight shoes; your feet deserve a breather. The best thing about the Clog Garden shoes is that they are unisex. This means you and your significant other can buy a matching pair of these off brand Crocs. Besides, the water-resistant capabilities allow for a fun day at the pool.

The color variety is top-notch. But the thing that we liked the most was its breathability. If you work outdoors, we strongly recommend getting a pair of these.

Maximum footbed gripCan shrink if exposed to the sun for a long time.
Extremely lightweight
Breathable like Crocs
Non-slip design

Native Shoes, Jefferson Sneakers

These elegant knock off Crocs will surely suit your taste if you are looking for something more classic. They are easy to clean and extremely comfortable in a sneaker style. If you’re a sporty person, this pair will become your go-to footwear in no time. It has odor-resistant capabilities which means you can easily wear them in summer. The lightweight design comes with a round-toe silhouette and multiple color options making it a perfect match for your outfits.

Elegant yet edgy designSizing isn’t accurate
Shock-absorbing EVA sole
Easy to clean
Extremely breathable

Beslip Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes

This Unisex pair is the definition of versatility in terms of design and function. You can wear these look-alike Crocs, regardless of occasion, season, location, or gender. The colors are mostly light, but you can easily hand wash any stain. The roof of the shoe is designed to enhance air circulation and the ergonomically arched footbed provides an added cushion to your toes.

Footbed with good gripCan lose their shape
Lightweight and breathable
Low price

Natural Uniforms Ultralite Women’s Clogs with Strap

If choosing a size that perfectly fits is a problem, we recommend you to opt for Ultralite Women’s Clogs with Straps. The adjustable heel strap in this item allows for a proper fit. The EVA-foam built is the icing on the cake, providing comfort all day long. Moreover, the high arch footbed ensures maximum stability and reduces foot sores.

Affordable priceProduces squeaky noise when walking
Hand washable
Slip-resistant, shock dispersion soles
Molded footbed for enhanced stability

Kenneth Cole New York Women’s Mello Eva Sling Sandal

If both shoes and slippers don’t interest you, these classic look-alike Crocs sandals might be the answer. These sling-back sandals make sure your feet are tightly yet comfortably secured. The footbed has anti-slip protection to ensure you don’t fall prey to accidents. Lastly, the lightweight EVA-built is designed to provide durability and comfort.

Durable builtBreathability is compromised
Anti-slip protectionConstant wear and walking might cause pain.
Come in various colors

Menore Slippers for Women and Men Quick Drying

These Clogs slippers are easily wearable and don’t take a toll on your feet. The EVA build ensures that there is no compromise on comfort. Plus, the water-resistant feature allows you to wear these at your next pool party. These shoes are no doubt one of the most affordable products in 2023. With such low pricing, it is logical if you are wondering about their substandard build. But no need to worry! These slippers come with a one-year warranty.

Water-resistantSizing isn’t accurate
Anti-slip protection
One-year warranty
Great value for money

Chaco Men’s Chillos Clog

Chaco’s Chillos Clog is a beautiful blend of modern style and classic comfort. This pair has the protection of a sandal and the comfort of a slipper which makes it a go-to summer clog. Its laced buckle front gives it a professional look with an open back that allows adequate air circulation. Due to its construction from recycled polyester, this product is a top choice in 2023, if you wish to act responsibly towards the environment.

Easy to wear and take offHigher price point
Recycled material is used
Sleek design

Cloud Slippers for Women and Men

If you want to know what stepping on clouds feels like, these slides are your answer. Comfort is guaranteed with their 1.7-inch thick soles, which are at least twice as thick as normal slippers. These slippers have a 30-degree forward tilt to make them stable. Plus, the anti-slip particles help you walk on damp terrains without worrying about slipping. And if you think that you will have to pay an astonishingly huge amount, you are in for an exciting surprise.

Easy to cleanOften is too wide
Extremely lightweight and durable
No squeaky noise

Adidas Mens Yeezy Slide

The ever-famous Kanye x Adidas 2022 Yeezy Slides venture comes with a huge price tag that is a testament to the high material quality. The midfoot arch in these slides increases your stability and foot grip. It is one of the most stylish and lightweight pairs of off brand Crocs, and the comfort level it provides is off the charts. Additionally, the neon-green look is bound to spice up your footwear collection.

Stylish neon-green designHigh price point
Optimal comfort and easy to wear
Better feet grip on slippery surface

OOFOS OOcloog – Lightweight Recovery Footwear

These shoes are truly one-of-a-kind that comes with a raised price tag. Its patented footbed design has reduced ankle energy exertion by 47%. It also absorbs 37% more impact than its other Crocs look-alike. The extreme comfort and reduced stress make it worth every penny.

Backed by scientific factsStability
Extremely comfortableHigh price point
Durable built with OOfoam technology
Easy to find the perfect size

Western Chief Kids EASIES

If you are looking for a gift for your young ones, these Crocs alternatives should be your first and last choice. Their design includes a heel strap that is extremely easy to get on and off. It has slip-resistant mechanisms, so you don’t have to worry about your kids falling while they run. They feature a side drainage design with slant slits and a reinforced toe cap. Being extremely easy to clean, comfortable to wear, and affordable to buy, this pair is a must-have in 2023.

Comfortable is guaranteedLack of color variety
Brilliantly designed
Dries quickly
Durable built quality

Amoji Unisex Camouflage Slippers Clogs Sandals

Being our top pick for 2023, these sandals by Amoji are one of the most breathable Crocs alternatives out there. Its upper part is specially designed for people engaged in physical activities, allowing minimal sweat buildup and easy ventilation. The sole is designed to help prevent accidental slips by providing a better grip on your foot. The EVA-resin material is top-quality that ensures flexibility while you move. Being lightweight, the shoes are readily available in several different sizes.

Affordable priceCan be wider than usual
Easy ventilation through multiple holes
Better grip and flexibility

Sloggers – Garden Waterproof Comfort Shoe

For all of our female readers, if you want a garden footwear with a tint of style, we recommend buying this Crocs alternative. Sloggers are known to be America’s #1 backdoor shoes. These shoes are completely waterproof with heavy-duty lug thread. Unlike other Croc alternatives, these shoes have a vibrant selection of prints, a stand-out feature of this footwear. Whether you wear them outdoors on a hike or during your garden adventures, these shoes are perfect for extended wear.

Detachable sole that is easy to cleanColor prints may slightly vary
Completely waterproof
Extremely comfortable to wear
Nice selection of vibrant designs

6 Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Crocs Alternatives

Before you choose your alternatives, here are six things to keep in mind when considering the finest pair of shoes that look like Crocs.


We cannot stress enough that before buying shoes similar to Crocs, you should always consider what they will mostly be used for. For outdoor wear you may want a pair with comfortable soles as well as great breathability. For getting around the house, perhaps slip-resistance and adjustable heel straps will play a bigger role.


Another deciding aspect of your shoe selection should be the material’s quality. While Crocs are built of Croslite, several alternatives are made of ethylene vinyl acetate. It is an elastomeric polymer with flexibility akin to rubber. A shoe built out of this material is far more superior to low-quality rubber look-alike Crocs, which is prone to cracking right after a couple of wears.


All credit for the popularity of Crocs goes to its distinctive design. When shopping for Crocs alternatives, a lightweight pair will always feel better. Furthermore, make sure there’s enough wiggle room for your toes – an ideal option is one with a wide toe box and slightly arched sole that relieves foot sores and has adequate room for your toes.

Finally, there are plenty of options out there if you want a more diverse color palette and distinct style to compliment your wardrobe.


While Crocs are worth every penny, many knock off Crocs and look-alikes provide very similar features at a considerably lower price tag. Either way, you will be best off familiarising yourself with pro’s and con’s of every pair you consider and deciding whether the price fits your needs.


Wearing trendy shoes at the cost of having swollen feet is not the best move. Always pick Crocs alternatives that provide a thick sole and a slightly raised footbed. This allows for more stability while walking and provides a cushion to your feet.


This aspect is directly related to the design and build of your shoes. The finer the quality of the material used, the longer your shoes will last. As we mentioned, most look-alike Crocs are made from EVA material which replicates most of the original croslite features. If you face a pair that’s made from different material, we’d recommend researching a little bit more about it to evaluate its longevity.

What to Avoid When Buying a Crocs-look alike?

With so many alternatives available, here are a couple of things we recommend avoiding while searching for an ideal lookalike.

  • Never choose shoes with a thin sole, as they are likely to break and can easily come off.
  • Avoid selecting a pair that is too tight and has a narrow toe box as it can cause sweat buildup that will result in stinky swollen feet. Also you will probably not find these comfortable for longer use.
  • Be mindful when selecting a shoe that has questionable sizing charts, since you’re likely to end up purchasing one that doesn’t fit you. Make sure the return policy is clear and you can replace them if needed without too much hassle.
  • Avoid look-alikes that are made of low-quality material or cheaper rubber as it can create a lasting impact on the shoe’s durability.
  • Few shoes that resemble Crocs are not appropriate for prolonged usage and may shrink if worn in the sun for an extended amount of time. Thus, if you think you’ll spend long hours outside, it’s best to avoid them.

How to Identify a Knock off Pair?

When the market is brimming with subpar products in 2023, many brands try to profit from the established Crocs brand by creating a very similar knock off pair and pricing it similar to the original.

We have listed a few key differences that will help you spot knock off Crocs.

  • Only real Crocs will have the famous Duke crocodile logo on the strap
  • Real Crocs have their trademark on the outsoles
  • Off brand Crocs don’t have circulation footbed nubs on the insoles.
  • Real Crocs are capable of floating over the water. If your pair sinks, they are knock offs.
  • One thing that no one can replicate is the material. Real Crocs are made up of Croslite. In contrast, most of the knockoffs are made up of rubber and the distinct rubber smell will help you differentiate between original and fake Crocs.

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