5 Crocs That Look Like Sperry

different types of crocs that look like sperry

Sperry are mostly known for their hand-crafted boat shoes, loafers, and sandals. They have been taking forward a legacy for 80 years with their intriguing design, reliable quality, and perfect comfy fit. This expensive footwear is not ideal for indoor wear, but this is where Crocs come in! There are Crocs that look like Sperry, with which you can have an excellent combo of comfort and style suitable for indoors and out.

The most popular Sperry look-alikes are Crocs Santa Cruz loafers and Walu slip-ons. They have an added microfiber layer that provides ventilation, padding, and enough cushion to wiggle your toes. Other than that, the Crocs loafers are easier to take on and off. Most loafer designs do not require tying the laces, which is a huge benefit for those who lack dexterity.

Considering the competition, selecting one wasn’t easy, but out of the many Sperry knock-offs, our personal favorite is the Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Playa Loafers. Its padded heel cups and relaxed slip-on build sets them apart. What we liked the most is that you can wear these shoes at home, in meetings, outdoors, or anywhere you like, because it certainly has that oomph.

5 Comfy Sperry Look-alike Crocs

If you’re looking to invest in some stylish boat shoes or loafers, take a look at our five top Sperry look-alike favorites. We have weighed the pros and cons – have a look and choose the Crocs that suit you the best!

Crocs Men’s Classic Boat Shoes

These men’s loafers are the literal definition of slip-on style. The faux lacing makes it easier for you to get your shoes on and off. They offer a great look whether you wear them at sports, beach, or professional gatherings.

The waterproof padded flat heels ensure well-deserved support all day long. The loafers might be slightly bendy, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. A word of advice, make sure that you get the sizing right, as they can be wide for average feet.

Waterproof base and frontSize runs a bit bigger
Multiple color options
Affordable price

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafers

The minimal neutral tone design ensures you aren’t trading comfort for looks. It comes with a dual padded base to provide you with maximum durability. The top is covered with a layer of canvas fabric. Unlike most other Crocs, there are no ventilation spaces, but if that’s not your requirement – it is a pretty sweet deal.

The pull-on closure can be efficiently washed with a damp microfibre cloth. In short, these Crocs have everything you expect from an ideal pair of shoes, too, at a great price.

Sleek neutral tonesBreathability is compromised
Comfortable built
Padded heels
Great value for money

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Playa Slip-on Loafers

These Crocs resemble Sperry sneakers and provide the best value for money. It is hard to imagine that a pair of shoes of this caliber comes at such a low price range. These are the types of Crocs that go well with both ripped jeans and tailored suits. The intriguing design is guaranteed to get noticed wherever you go.

The padded heel makes sure you get the comfort that you pay for. Plus, the lightweight, durable sole allows a firm foot grip on all surfaces. So, no more slipping or falling.

Affordable priceTends to leave scuff marks on flooring
Durable sole that relieves foot pain

Crocs Women’s Walu Boat Shoe W

These trendy Walu boat shoes are a great option if you want a sturdy, soft and comfortable fit. Available in four colors, you can easily wear these canvas shoes without socks. It has a functional lacing system that tightens across the insteps. However, the sizing charts can be confusing.

LightweightLittle nubs in the toe box can be uncomfortable
Durable sole that relieves foot painSizing isn’t correct

Crocs Women’s Beach Line Boat Shoe

Women Crocs that look like Sperry

This Crocs boat footwear for women is a clear winner in terms of breathability. There are holes for air passage on both sides of the shoe that helps to drain the water and sweat build-up.

The Croslite material ensures no compromise on comfort. Plus, the outsole is made of unmarked rubber, which provides long-lasting durability. Whether you want to go to the market or do some work around the house, this loafer has your back.

Striped footbedColor tends to fade with time
Secure, customized fit with 360-degree lacing
Durable and breathable

What to Consider When Selecting Sperry like Crocs?

When choosing the best Sperry like Crocs, keep the following points in mind:

Lacing System

Most Crocs have a lace tie system, while others have faux lacing. Although it depends on your preference, we recommend choosing a faux lace system. It makes it easier to remove your Sperry-like Crocs and eliminates the need to knot your laces when walking or running.


Crocs are well-known for their unique breathable design, which enables natural airflow. When selecting Crocs loafers, consider looking for air vents that allow breathability and prevent moisture from accumulating between your toes.


If you’re paying a high price, you should look for a more durable Sperry look-alike Crocs. The durable soles help your footwear last long and ensure a rough and tough use.

Crocs Vs. Sperry- Key Advantages of Crocs

  • Most Sperry look-alike Crocs are cheaper than the original brand.
  • Crocs can be worn for long hours indoors, given their unique and comfortable design.
  • Sperry boat shoes are not waterproof, while Crocs have a special waterproof build.
  • For better comfort, you must wear socks when putting on Sperrys while most Crocs Walu shoes are perfectly comfortable without socks.
  • Sperrys are not the most ideal for wearing in a casual setting. Hence, if you’re just going to a nearby grocery store, Crocs would suit you much better.

When You Should Prefer Sperrys over Crocs?

Even though Crocs are advantageous in many ways, Sperry does have the upper hand in a few areas.

The Sperry brand has been running for quite a while. Their reputation is well known which comes with a granted prestige and professional look. The Sperry boat shoes are commonly known as ‘a feat of engineering’ and they offer incredible diversity while Crocs Sperry like designs are limited and a bit similar to one another.

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