Crocs and Native Shoes That Look Like Converse

Different Crocs and Native shoes types

Crocs that look like Converse were once a popular option for people who sought a Converse style but with the comfort and breathability of Crocs. But, owing to newer designs and technology, these Crocs variants are no longer readily available.

However, a decade-old sensation in the footwear market offers a bit more than conventional shoes at a considerably affordable price. A Canadian manufacturer – Native Shoes contains options that visually look like a mix of Crocs and Converse. Some may argue that Native Shoes aren’t truly sneakers because they are made of EVA and not cotton canvas, but be confident that comfort is what this company is heavily focusing on. In line with their slogan ‘keep it lite’ and their vision to ‘Live Lightly,’ Native Shoes promise greater comfort and flair than your everyday Converse and Crocs knock offs.

But if you’re still convinced to try Converse like looking Crocs, we have found one of the very few options for you. We consider Crocs Women’s Hover Boat Sneaker to be the best Converse knock off available at the official Crocs store. It has circulation nubs and a Croslite footbed that provides lightweight and breathable padding. However, unlike regular Crocs, these shoes are not water resistant which can be a drawback for some. Overall, this pick is ideal for casual wear, recreational and outdoor activities because of its superb grip and odor-resistant characteristics.

5 “Native Shoes” Converse Knock offs You Must Try

In this section we present five Converse knock offs from Native Shoes for men, women and kids that are lightweight, trendy, and ideal for the next outdoor trip.

Native Unisex Jefferson Fashion Sneaker

The EVA sole of these Jefferson shoes is super light, comfy, and perforated to allow your feet to relax. It has a traditional slip-on design and is easily hand washable to avoid odor accumulation.

The Native Jefferson Converse knockoff is available in an incredible range of colors and textures, which are absolutely a must for summer wear.

Wide range of color optionsPossible squeaky noise when walking
Comfortable, waterproof, and easy to clean
Flexible and fit tight

Native Jefferson BLOOM Kids Shoes

This Converse knockoff will undoubtedly become your child’s new favorite sneaker. The sparkling bling pattern is available in a variety of appealing hues. According to Bloom technology, the sneakers are produced from reused algae, which has significant environmental advantages and cleans the air. The shoe is bendy and incredibly flexible due to its shock-absorbing rubber sole and EVA top.

Attractive bling designSparkly coating can come off if washed rigorously
Odor resistant

Native Miles Adult Shoe

If you want a casual shoe that looks like Converse but has a bit of Crocs’ distinctive style, this one will quickly become your go-to footwear. The body of the Native Miles is sleek, having a two-part EVA construction.

It includes a cup-outsole with a stenciled stripe sole design and an injection molded top. Since these shoes are easy to put on, they are suitable for wearing when traveling, notably on the beach.

Water-friendly and easy to cleanPossible blisters if worn without socks
Slip-on Crocs knockoffs
Lightweight and resists odor

Native Men’s Howard Boat Shoe

Price: $60

Another Native Shoes Converse look alike which is a great pick for individuals looking for a more sophisticated look without sacrificing comfort and breathability. This pair of Howard boat shoes fit true to size and provides a firm grip on all terrain.

It has a hand-washable rubber toe cap and heel inserts providing comfort all day long. So, if you’re thinking of wearing it to your next work meeting or a stroll around the park, this is a good option to consider.

Shock-absorbent soleNarrow fit for wider feet
Easy to wash
Durable built

Native Unisex-Big Kid Jefferson Block Slip-On

Yet another Native Jefferson sneaker that has a striking, artsy style. It has a refined two-tone design and is available in a variety of elegant color combinations. This Crocs knockoff has an EVA-constructed sole which includes a slip-on closure and holes for breathability. It also includes a gripping fit that molds to your feet for ultimate comfort.

Lightweight and easy to wearFinding the correct size might be difficult
Available in multiple classy shades and tones
Affordable price

What are Native Shoes?

Combining creativity, uniqueness, and an ultra-light design, Native Shoes has been in the market since 2009. The Canadian footwear brand has established itself as a fashionable Crocs and Converse look alike. These shoes are adaptable and fashionable, with various distinguishing features that set them apart from regular Crocs and Converse footwear.

Be assured that you’ll never be taken off guard by these sneakers. They are made of injection-molded ethylene vinyl acetate, which is a firm, supple, rubber-like substance that repels moisture, is water-friendly, and is odor resistant. Native Shoes come in Jefferson, Jericho, Miles, and Howard styles that are easily available in all foot sizes.

Plus, the shoes are eco-friendly and animal-free because of their exclusive BLOOM technology. Likewise, their cloud-walking comfort is ideal for city travelers, beach lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Jefferson, Miles, Or Howard- What is the Difference Between Each?

While all Native Shoes provide a comfortable fit, the main difference between them is in fitting and style. The Jefferson shoes are more slim and airy than other Native models. Apart from that, these are typical Converse knockoffs with holes similar to Crocs. The Jeffersons are best suited to people with small, angular feet.

On the other hand, the Miles is ideal for individuals with wide feet. While these are similar to Crocs, they feature a Converse-like shoe design. They are incredibly flexible and durable due to their rubber outsole.

Native Shoes in the Howard style exude a more professional vibe. They have a strong grip on slippery terrain and look alike Crocs Walu boat shoes. Since they fit true to size, they are ideal for people with narrow feet.

What Should You Consider When Making a Choice?

Here are a few factors you should keep in mind when choosing the right Native shoe.

Feet Size

Some Native styles fit better on narrow feet, while others are made with a wider toe cap. Choosing the right shoe depends on your feet size. Going for Jefferson or Howard styles would be ideal if you have a narrow foot size, but if you have wider feet, there is nothing better than wearing Miles.


Slip-on and pull-on closures are growing prominent in the footwear market. Since they provide relief from the usual lacing system, a shoe that is easy to slip on and off should be your first choice. Check for Native styles with a pull-on fastening rather than laces when shopping for the perfect shoe.


Comfort is usually a major concern for individuals who wear shoes for a prolonged period. Thus, you should consider choosing Converse knockoffs with a sturdy rubber sole that fits true to size. Shoes like Jefferson and Miles increase your walking stability and relieve foot soreness while providing maximum comfort.


While Converse and Crocs are quite expensive; Native shoes are an affordable option that is a great value for money. Being the ultimate Converse knock offs and Crocs look alike, these shoes are a two-in-one deal. In either case, you should equip yourself with the advantages and downsides of the shoes you choose and decide if the price meets your requirements.

Native Shoes or Converse- Which is a Better Choice?

Native shoes have similar features but fit far better than Converse. These comfy sneakers contain vents similar to Crocs, aiding air circulation and preventing odor and moisture buildup.

Native shoes are known for being the perfect summer shoe due to their lightweight and durable build. These EVA rubber shoes are water-resistant, unlike Converse, which is made of cotton canvas and can easily get soaked in the rain.

Converse sneakers are more popular in casual wear because of their adaptability and style. It is available in various prints, colors, and sizes, normally lasting between 18 and 24 months with daily use. These sneakers have a traditional lacing mechanism, while Native shoes are easy to slide with a pull-on closure.

While both shoes are flexible and a timeless fashion staple, here are a few features and downsides to help you decide for yourself.

Native Shoes Vs. Converse Advantages

Native Shoes:

  • Odor-resistant and shock-absorbent
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight with a thick sole.
  • Lowers global carbon impact through the recycled materials used to make the shoes.


  • Ideal for jogging small distances of up to 2 miles on flat ground.
  • Flexible and versatile.
  • Well-known, respected brand

Native Shoes Vs. Converse Disadvantages

Native Shoes:

  • International shipping may be costly.
  • May shrink if tumble dried or kept in the sun for a long time.
  • Wearing the wrong fit can create chafing against your feet.


  • No extra padding
  • Lacks breathability and shock absorption.
  • Made of cotton canvas and suede, which can be easily damaged
  • The sole is not long-lasting and can come off.
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