How To Shrink Crocs: 6 Proven Techniques [Video]

Crocs clogs with the measure tape in between. The left clog is shrunken and visibly smaller than the right one.

Crocs shoes are all the rage these days! After all, it is lightweight, waterproof, comfortable, and even used as a fashion statement for some.

Some people deliberately opt for a size that’s a tad larger only to figure out that a larger size causes their Crocs to slip off way too often. Others spend more time in the store and get themselves a perfect fit. However, after a frequent use they may notice that the pair of Crocs became suspiciously too big.

Yes, Crocs can shrink because of its closed cell-resin material called Croslite. When exposed to higher heat of 50°C (120°F) and more, the material becomes soft and pliable. The best part is that you can use this as an advantage to resize your Crocs!

One of the easiest methods to shrink your Crocs is by using a tumble dryer. Insert 2 damp towels into the dryer, place your Crocs in between the towels and start the appliance on a highest heat setting for 10 minutes. After the time passes, stop the dryer, carefully take your Crocs out and leave them to cool for 5 minutes. Once your Crocs cool off, they will retain the new size. Using this process I managed to shrink my Crocs down by 2 centimeters in length.

In this post, we will introduce you to all the methods and walk you through the concrete steps to achieve a better fit!

Check out my video if you prefer the visual guide:

How long does it take to shrink Crocs?

To efficiently shrink Crocs, you’d need heat of at least 50°C (122°F ). You can achieve minimal shrinkage if you expose your pair for 30 minutes in this temperature. My favourite tumble dryer and oven heating techniques apply 70°C – 80°C (158°F – 176°F) which takes around 10 minutes to shrink your pair down by 2 cm in length.

Of course the higher the temperature the less time it takes for Crocs to shrink. That does not mean you should toss your pair into the furnace, but you can definitely go as high as the boiling temperature and your Crocs will begin shrinking in less than a minute. In either case, when exposing your Crocs to the heat source be sure you evaluate the progress constantly and exercise caution.

Are there risks when shrinking Crocs?

If you follow my instructions, you don’t need to worry about causing damage to your Crocs. I have tested every single method (some of them even a few times) on the same pair and their quality is as good as new. However, if you wear your Crocs while they’re still warm, they may mold to the shape of your feet. They will end up looking slightly different, but the difference is minimal (check before and after pictures in the video linked above).

Using techniques that apply high heat between 80°C – 100°C (176°F – 212°F) will cause Crocs to shrink within minutes. To avoid over-shrinking, heat them for just one minute at a time. After each minute, let them cool and check the fit. If they haven’t shrunk enough, simply repeat the process.

Furthermore, you should be considerate about your skin. Certain methods involve Crocs exposed to as high as a boiling temperature. Always take them out very carefully – using household tools like oven gloves or kitchen tongs is always a smart choice. Be sure they are dry and cooled off before you test their fit so that you don’t burn yourself or accidentally stretch your Crocs out even further.

6 proven methods of shrinking Crocs

I’ve personally tested 6 different methods of heating Crocs to the pliable state and in this section I will go through each of them one at a time:

Shrinking Crocs Using A Tumble Dryer

open tumble dryer ready to heat Crocs

Even though a dryer won’t help you drying Crocs, it can definitely be your primary tool in shrinking your Crocs.

You’ll need:

  • a tumble dryer
  • two damp towels
  • oven gloves (optional)

Here’s a step-by-step list how to shrink your crocs using a tumble dryer:

  1. Start with your dryer’s settings and timer configuration. Timing is crucial in the shrinking process. For a 2 cm shrink, proceed with 10 minutes on a highest heat setting, but remember that Crocs shrink not only in length. Lower the duration according to your preference.
  2. Place the Crocs in the dryer between two damp towels. The dampness of the towels will generate steam that will help soften the croslite material. Start the dryer.
  3. Once finished, remove Crocs from the dryer. Your Crocs and towels will be quite hot, so be careful and use oven gloves if necessary.
  4. Let them cool off for 5 minutes and check the outcome. Repeat the process if more shrinking is preferred.

Shrinking Crocs Using A Dishwasher

Crocs placed on the top rack of dishwasher

If you need your Crocs to feel just a tiny bit more secure, putting Crocs in dishwasher is a perfect way to achieve minimal shrinkage – we’ve tried it out and shared details in this post.

Here, we’ll take you through a simplified process. For a more detailed guidance take a look at the article linked above.

You’ll need:

  • a dishwasher
  • a dishwasher pod (optional)
  • a kitchen cloth

Steps to follow:

  1. Put your pair of Crocs on the upper or lower dishwasher rack depending on how much you want to shrink them. Dishwasher has a heating element on the bottom of the appliance, so placing them on the lower rack will expose your Crocs to higher heat. I placed mine on the upper rack which result to a minimal, more secure fit.
  2. Optionally, add your favourite dishwasher pod if you want to clean and have that slight aroma at the same time.
  3. Select a dishwasher setting that’s around 55°C (130°F) and run the cycle.
  4. Once that’s over, take your Crocs out and give them a drying tap with a microfiber kitchen cloth.
  5. Finally, let them cool off for 4 – 5 minutes. Now try it on and see how it fits. I suggest to spend a bit longer with your Crocs in action to evaluate the results. I realised that my shrank 2 days after the cycle.

Shrinking Crocs Using An Oven

A single Crocs clog inside an oven

Oven is another perfect appliance that will help you effortlessly heat your Crocs. However, do not attempt this method with any other types outside of classic clogs.

You’ll need:

  • Oven
  • Kitchen tongs / oven gloves (optional)

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Set your oven to 80°C (176°F)
  2. Put your Crocs inside and keep them cooking for 10 minutes to achieve a 2 cm shrink in length.
  3. Once finished, carefully take them out (use oven gloves / kitchen tongs if needed).
  4. Allow them to cool for 5 minutes and try out the new fit.

Shrinking Crocs Using A Pot Of Boiling Water

crocs next to a pot with boiling water

If you don’t have or don’t want to deal with the appliances, a pot of boiling hot water to shrink Crocs will suffice.

You’ll need:

  • Cooking pot
  • Water
  • Kitchen tongs
  • Kitchen cloth

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Grab a pot big enough to fit your Crocs. If you own a larger pair, make sure you can fit a single shoe and boil them one at a time.
  2. Fill 3/4 of the pot with water and bring it to a boil.
  3. Use kitchen tongs to fully submerge your Crocs under the water. If your pot is not big enough – alternate between dipping the heel and the front part of the Crocs (Although, for effective shrinking that is not ideal. In this case I’d recommend to opt in for a different method.)
  4. After 2 – 3 minutes, take your Crocs out of the water, dry with a kitchen cloth and let them cool off for 5 minutes. Repeat the previous step if you want to shrink them more.
  5. Don’t forget to shrink the other clog if your cooking pot could only fit one!

Shrinking Crocs Using Direct Sunlight

A bright and sunny day. Clear blue sky and the shining sun.

If you find yourself away from appliances, direct sunlight can assist you just as well!

This technique mostly be effective during summer, when the sun is at its most extreme. Exposing Crocs to direct sunlight will help you achieve your results with the least amount of effort.

On a sunny day, simply leave your pair of Crocs in an area where they will get the most direct sunlight. Keep them basking for 20 to 30 minutes, and move them to an are where they can cool off.

Shrinking Crocs Using A Hairdryer

Crocs and hair dryer next to each other

The heating element in a hair dryer can also help you heat your Crocs and loosen the Croslite material. Since you can control where heat is being applied, this technique is particularly great if you have specific parts of the shoe that you want to adjust.

You’ll need:

  • Hair dryer

Here’s how to proceed when using your hairdryer:

  1. Turn on the hair dryer on a highest temperature setting.
  2. Direct the heat at the preferred areas of your Crocs. Hold the heat steadily for at least 2 – 3 minutes per shoe part. Don’t forget the top and toes area. Spend around 10 minutes working your hair dryer around the different parts.
  3. To check the results, allow Crocs to cool and try them out.
  4. Repeat the steps if want to make adjustments.

I tried shrinking them and they shrunk too much. Now what?

As we mentioned, you can also unshrink Crocs once their material is weakened by heat in case you accidentally shrunk them too much.

The first part of the process is exactly the same – subjecting your Crocs to high heat temperature using the above mentioned heat sources.

While your Crocs are heating up, put 2 – 3 pairs of socks on. As they become heated and pliable, slip your enlarged feet in your clogs and walk around for a couple of minutes pressing your front, sides and back of your feet to the edges of your shoes.

Crocs will reshape according to your feet and retain the size and shape after cooling off. Check how you like the changes. Repeat the steps and give them a stronger stretch if you want even larger size.

Are Crocs supposed to fit loose?

Some Crocs users think that it is natural that their Crocs should fit loose.

Truth is, ideally your pair of Crocs should neither be tight nor too loose – it should be perfectly well-fitting. However, perfect fit will be different based on your preference.

Here are 3 fit types highlighted by Crocs:

  • Roomy. The roomiest fit that provides enough space all around your foot. If you prefer such a fit – consider Crocs that come with a back strap for extra stability.
  • Relaxed. This fit provides a little less space than the one before which results in more stability. The sides of your feet will occasionally contact the shoe walls but your toes should not touch the front granting you more than enough wiggle room.
  • Standard. The most stable type of fit with minimal or no slipping when you’re on your way to the grocery store or back home. Heel rests securely at the back, sides and top comfortably hugs your feet while toes don’t touch the front providing you that essential wiggle room.

Do Crocs stretch out after normal wearing?

Yes, your pair of Crocs may eventually stretch out even without their extreme exposure to the heat. The constant pressure and contact on the shoe edges due to normal wear can also be a cause of a slight stretch.

Luckily you don’t have to buy a new pair at such events. Just carry out one of the processes we mentioned earlier and enjoy a perfect fit at all times.

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